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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

This sweet girls newborn session went so well! She slept pretty much the whole entire time . Mom proceeded to tell me that her newborn baby girl was a night owl ( meaning she had her days and nights mixed up. This was great for me, the photographer, not so much her mommy), which made for super tired parents. Thankfully grandma had come and assisted me during the newborn session. This got me to thinking, why not list out a few tips and tricks for night owl babys while showing you their gorgeous portraits?

Keep in mind that every baby is different, so have some grace while trying these tricks.

1. Try helping baby distinguish daytime and night time. I dont know about you, but my children wake up with the sun. As soon as they see that peak of light, they will wake up. Try to show your baby daytime, by keeping lights on or opening up the curtains to let some gorgeous natural light in, then at night try keeping it dark. Then follow the next step.

2. I am a creature of habit. I have a routine and pretty much stick with it ( for the most part anyways. You know us moms have tons of things to do and I know I couldn't get everything done without my routine or my planner lol). Starting baby on a routine would be so helpful. Everyones routine is different. For us, when my children were little, it was: Id brush their hair with my hands while feeding them in the rocking chair, lights got turned of ( my lamp/ night llight), and it was just us. My son had really bad stomach issues and I learned that if I burped him, then laid him down before he actually was asleep he wouldnt spit up as much. Of course there were food factors, as well.

3. Laying baby down swaddled before they are actually asleep will help them be more independent with going to sleep on their own. If newborn is still unhappy, you could always try getting the baby mobile that spins or my son LOVED the baby einstein toy that hooks on the crib and has fish that swim all around.

4. Do more during the day with baby than at night, meaning encourage baby to play ( obviously newborns can't play that much, but if they have older siblings they could lay beside them and play). Also, feed your newborn more during the day than at night. My second child wanted to cluster feed non stop, so I started making a schedule, and suprisingly I realized I was feeding more during the day than at night, she was sleeping better at night because of what I had done during the day.

These are just some tips, I'm by no means a newborn sleep doctor, just their photographer LOL, but this is what worked for me :)

Now Im so excited to show yall this girls gallery!!

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