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A Fall Cake Smash

A Cake Smash is always so much fun, whether my client be one or 50. I was so inspired to do this particular cake smash session. My client called me and asked if we could photograph

something pink, gold, and with pumpkins..... my reply was OF COURSE! I was so inspired to do this session. After I got the call I went to Hobby Lobby ( the place where 90% of my inspiration comes to me) and started shopping. *joke: my husband always jokes around with me about how we should take stock in Hobby Lobby as much as I'm there LOL I sriously can't go without spending at least an hour and a half there.... its inspiration*

Anyways, so after some shopping, we had the session in a beautiful field here in Longview, Texas. It was the perfect lighting due to it being the golden hour (late afternoon) and the colors were just starting to turn. Be our guest and check out this session! Isn't it beautiful??

As always, if we are outdoors, I always try to get some images with the parents included. I just love this little family. They are so full of sass, spunk, and fun! I hope you loved their gallery as much as I and my client did!

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