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Your life is meant to be filled with experiences and adventure

Here's how I give you that Unforgettable experience

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.


Confidence Boost

Mama, I know it can be tough to get in front of the camera! Whenever you look in the mirror you see all of your flaws and think that there's no way you would want to remember looking like this.


Put your trust in me and relax knowing that I know the best poses to flatter you and your body. I have simple flow posing that I practice that will make the session seamless and really give you that glow!

My approach is simple direction while giving you prompts to help you act natural. I know, kind of ironic, right? It totally works though. We can also play next top model... that has been some of my clients favorite!

Unique Styles

I want to know more about what you love. What is your style?

I love getting to know this about my clients.

Don't know what your style is? I have a great questionnaire that helps me better understand what you are looking for.  

I will help you pick out outfits for you and your family, whether you need a womans second opinion or a shopping partner, I'm down! 

My clients are always suprised at how I take the time out with each client to really help choose colors and make sure there is an overall flow of things. I make sure there is a great Feng Shui, harmonizing all of our looks and colors for the perfect flow



Deciding to have your session can be exciting, but intimidating at the same time. That's where I come in. I'm very attentive to each of my clients and their families needs.

  1. Book your session with SCP

  2. Let's chat about what you love!

  3. Session Day! 

  4. Reveal session

I will be there with you throughout the whole process. From Client Welcome and Prep Guide and flow posing, to what a certain size image will look like on your wall (yes, I have software that will do that!)

Let me take all of the stress out of your session experience!

Loving on my clients

Not going to lie, most of my clients have turned into friends. I just love when we click. The click is almost the most important part to me!


I always love to send my clients home with something special and make sure they have a sneak peak within the first 72 hours. I know how exciting it is to see the outcome and how it can have your stomach in knots ready to see at least one image! 

I will always be there for you with any question, concern, or idea you have!


Professional Status

When you hire me, you can rest assured knowing that you and your baby will be in good hands. I have a certification in Baby Photography Business and know the safety precautions.

It is essential to me, especially in these times, that baby is in a safe environment. With my knowledge of posing and how to get those smiles, both for you and baby, we can achieve some amazing color infused portraits together. 


Most importantly

My goal is for my clients to come in as strangers and leave feeling like they've gained a friend that just gave them the most cherished gift! Heirlooms that can be passed down and around for years to come and an unforgettable experience. I have a desire to make my mamas feel absolutely beautiful and have the knowledge of how to direct them to get that perfect portrait. This is your day to feel glamourous! I know my new mamas are exhausted and don't really know where to begin with portraits. Let me help you! I love to design my sessions to fit your unique style. All I need is your trust and a little information.

Meet your photographer


Hey and thanks for wanting to get to know me better! I'm just a small town girl living in the big city of Shreveport, Louisiana. I am originally from Baker, FL. I'm a good mixture between salty sea air and the magic of the woods and country. 


Like I said in my quick meet tagline on the homepage, I love to make people laugh. I have a few tricks that I can pull to get that good laugh frozen in time, not only does it make for amazing pictures, but I want my sessions to be fun that way my clients can have the best time with me.

When my clients team up with me, they gain a friend. I love to talk with them to get the full sense of their style. This helps me to better achieve their expectations for their session. I believe that everyone has their own unique style and we can really put your style to the fullest in your images. 

If you would like to get to know me better, you can follow me on my Instagram or Facebook. I share things that happen on the daily.

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