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Newborn Sessions

Behind the scenes

with Baby Parker

Through the looking glass

Do you ever look back at pictures from when you were a kid and get taken back to a certain smell or feeling? isn't it funny how a single image can hold a thousand different memories? As your newborn babe grows up, that sweet baby smell will be gone. The infant that was once a good 7 pounds will grow right up before you know it. These portraits will give you that smell back. They will let you vividly remember how it felt to hold them. 

How can you put a price on something so priceless? These are more than just pretty pictures. These are moments that will literally be frozen in time to make last a lifetime.

The best time to do your newborn session is between 4- 14 days old. The sooner the better, as babies will sleep better and be easier to pose. I will send you a Client Prep guide prior to your session, so you will be well prepared. 

Newborn Session Flow

When you hire Southern Contessa for your newborn session, not only can you rest assured knowing that I have babies safety at top priority, but you also get a variety of looks in a single session










The Posing bag setup is where we can put baby on a colorful backdrop and get all of those cute poses in camera. 

With the Prop set up, clients may choose backgrounds such as wood floors, floral/abstract backdrops with bowls, bed, or buckets. 

The Family set up is a solid background of your choice and includes parents and siblings.

I supply all of the swaddles, props, and backdrops, as well as Client Wardrobe for my mamas. 

If you have something that you would like included, please let me know and we can incorporate that in your portraits. 


Session Options


Newborn Basics

Bump to Babe

First Year

Two and a half hour session including all three setups. Parents and siblings welcome.

Full hour Maternity & Full two and a half hour Newborn session. Family included in both.

Full Maternity, Newborn, Milestones at 3/6 moths old, and Cake Smash!

Please contact for pricing by sending an Inquiry / e-mail.

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